EU statistics on data roaming

Over 20M tourists from the EU visit the UK every year and over 94% of them won’t use their mobiles due to data roaming charges, those that do have been used to phoning directory assistance numbers starting 118 for over a decade since 118 became the lead number in all 28 EU member states.

UK consumers spend over £10M a month phoning 118 services and these service providers have no incentive to provide a free online service that is reliable, up to date and user friendly. In 2016 data roaming charges will be abolished across the EU allowing over 500M citizens and 510M tourists access to phone calls, the web and more importantly apps they rely on, no matter where in the EU they are.

Free118 aims to assist people to find the businesses and services they require wherever they want, whenever they want it, for free. With no call centres or printed directories to support, and results based on locality and not advertising spend free118 will be the only directory you need.


Business Listing

Get the widest choice available, online or off.

No advertising spend to get visibility, compete on a level playing field.

See opening times, menus, special offers, and calendars of upcoming events, blogs and much more.

Let the world know everything you are doing in one place.

Get the results you want based on the locality you want, no more results based on advertising spend or what a browser presumes you’re interested in, remember when search results were organic?

Be found because of who you are, not what you spend.

Receive deals and offers that you’ve asked for based on your locality not where your email address is registered.

Push deals that people want, compete with the high street, and harness the power of geo-conquesting & the latest Beacon technology including Indoor LBS.

Have access to nearly double the amount of listings on any other directory.

Have a listing where you decide if your number is shown and what types of calls you accept.

Find your favourite stores and brands and be alerted to their special offers no matter where you are.

Have your products and offers in front of your loyal customers even in towns they have never visited before.

Take the guess work out of where you’re going & shop like a local.

Back street boutique? Not anymore!

Book your deals and offers direct with the merchant.

Deal direct with the customer, no middleman taking a cut, offer deals on a daily or hourly basis if need be.

Create shopping lists in app that will alert you when you’re near a supplying retailer.

Help guys I’m running out of inspiration.

Know that the review has been written by a genuine user who has actually visited the store or restaurant and see a detailed review, don’t let someone else’s perception of service detract from fantastic food.

With the use of Beacons keep on top of your reviews and haver the ability to put right an unfavourable review.

Keep track of what's happening in your area and see when the scout’s next jumble sale is on.

Let your community know you are there.

Found the perfect deal, then book and pay for it from your phone.

Take bookings and orders 24/7, 365 days of the year, fill those empty appointments by pushing out deals.

Lost? Find deals and places literally next to you.

Be seen in a fun and exciting way and discover what augmented reality can do for your brand, have a treasure hunt or with beacons conduct guided tours and enhanced product information.

Message listings, share deals and recommendations.

Engage customers and reviewers.

Can’t find what you want in a store, maybe a member of the free118 community has it listed in our free classified section.

With no listing fees or commission what have you got to lose.

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